“Emphasizing strength training and a well rounded approach to fitness for runners!”
June 2014 thru September 2014

Instruction by Jim Patch

Personal Trainer Certification, Blue Heron Academy of the Healing Arts and Sciences (ACE) and Personal Trainer certification, YMCA (WEQA)

Personal Trainer/Wellness Coach, Instructor, "Why Wait? Get Fit!", "Strength Training for Runners" class, David D. Hunting YMCA
Instructor, Fitness boot camp, City of Wyoming Department of Parks and Recreation

3 Chicago Marathons, 11 Grand Rapids River Bank Run 25K's
Age Group winner, 5K and 10K races

For any questions contact Jim Patch.

Even more instruction by Marathon Don Kern, veteran of over 250 marathons and race director of the Metro Health Grand Rapids Marathon, who will help you discover muscles you never knew you had!

- A stronger core -
- Quicker Recovery -
- A more balanced body -
- A FASTER marathon -
- Healthy Lifestyle -
- And much more! -


Summer Session starts June 4, 2013

26+ Regular Group Sessions (Plus Bonus Sessions) for only: $250.00 (that's less than $10.00 a session)


"Boot camp" style, i.e. "no equipment necessary". Strength training exercises will either use body weight or light hand weights. Anything else we will provide.
Invitation To Regularly Scheduled Long Runs With Several Staff Members Of The Metro Health Grand Rapids Marathon

Program will concentrate on strength training drills. These will be combined with various kinds of "special running" (high knees, butt kicks, several different kinds of skipping drills, fast feet, farmers walk, hill running, tempo runs, pick-ups, strides, intervals on a track, etc.)

Extra "Seminar" Sessions On Fitness, Goal Setting, And Planning
Program is flexible enough to make modifications if necessary to meet needs and desires of our clients
Program will also include pep talks and long runs on weekends with “Marathon” Don Kern.
Limited to 20 people in each session.

Summer bootcamp success stories and statistics:
40% of the participants posted a PR in a fall marathon.
One runner qualified for the Boston Marathon.
Medal accomplishments:
One age group medalist at the 2009 Grand Rapids Marathon
Two first-place age group medalists in the 2009 Crystal Lake Team Marathon.

Sometimes I get up wondering at 4 AM why am I doing this?  Well, because it pays off, I took over a minute off my half marathon PR, finished 16th overall and 2nd in the age group that I leave behind on Friday.  All this in some pretty tough running conditions this past weekend.  I'm re-invigorated, because now I know why I am up at 4 AM to do this stuff.   Looking forward to tomorrow morning! Chris Jenks

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